My most recent hobby is talking with my friends about money. Maybe I think life will be better if we were more open about it, but also maybe I like breaking taboos in the nerdiest way possible. Like how honest are we being here?


I live in an expensive city,  but I have also spent the last eight years being terrible at money (also love, productivity, and getting six-pack abs, etc. etc.). I don’t plan to blog about money often, but I just want to let everyone that I have a savings account now and I have the foresight to not want to die penniless while wasting every second of my life yelling into the eVoid on Twitter. NOT GONNA DO IT.

p.s. I am terrible at arm wrestling

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5 thoughts on “Money

      1. MrJohnson says:

        I guess there’s that. This is reminding me of that line in the movie, Monster.

        “So, I was gonna do it, and the only reason I didn’t was a 5 dollar bill, I knew I’d probably given some asshole a blowjob for it, so, it really started to piss me off that if I killed myself without spending it, well then I basically sucked him off for free!”

  1. Jerry M. says:

    Have you considered applying your comedic energies and ambitions to becoming a “funny mom”? I see how some comics have exploited their offspring for comedy material. “…and next on our show, with all the hijinx of her toddlers raising ’em in L.A., it’s “Funny Mom” Ashley Jillian!!!” (applause). Consider auditions for your mate, the “funny Dad” who’s child raising abilities must be dwarfed by ability to create hilarious child-rearing situations.

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