I am legitimately surprised that I wasn’t picked to be a juror on People of the State of California v. Conrad Murray trial. I am also legitimately surprised that Conrad Murray doesn’t have a Wikipedia page in his name, but at least he has this photo of himself on Dumbo.

I have the credentials to be on a celebrity trial, chiefly, I live in Los Angeles, am an American citizen AND my father was on an Anna Nicole Smith stalker jury. I feel like I was bred for it, sans the potential financial hardship  (four-to-six weeks off work, yikes). But man, four-to-six weeks of life experience would probably be worth it.


Blogger’s Note: This post was written while eating and watching The Biggest Loser. #greatamericanpasttimes


19 thoughts on “Surprised

  1. wrjones says:

    Look, don’t waste you time on that panel if they belatedly ask you. Tell us your verdict, you must have heard enough on the news to make a decision by now. If guilty how would you punish him? Another question: does MJ have any responsibility for sucking down drugs?

  2. Heretic says:

    So I’m TOTALLY late in commenting…but your right, you should sue the government for not picking you. Need a lawyer???

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